Healing emotional wounds

Therapist Northridge, CA

Private and discreet therapy in the San Fernando Valley.

My counseling specialties include:

  • Emotional wounds from childhood bullying
  • Anxiety or PTSD over past trauma
  • Frustration with you or your partner always being on location
  • Feeling shame or humiliation, like you just aren’t good enough
  • Upsetting or angry thoughts that you just can’t seem to get rid of
  • Feeling depressed or like you are alone in a room full of people
  • Emotional abuse or emotional trauma, sometimes referred to as psychological abuse
  • Issues related to identity including gender identity and sexual orientation
  • I am Kink-Aware

I will fit you in on any day you need to talk, even if you don’t have an appointment because you never know what the day will bring.

I want to help! Let me come along side you.
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Let’s face it, we all have needs. 

Whether it is something we are going through ourselves or whether we are caring for others who have issues such as these counseling specialties:


Anxiety includes: 

  • Social Anxiety (or social phobia) which is fear of being criticized or treated poorly by others
  • Agoraphobia which is fear of going outside or being trapped outside
  • PTSD which develops when one has faced a life-threatening situation such as a mugging, rape, combat, a bad car accident, or other form of violence


Depression includes:

  • Major depression which is feeling sad, discouraged, or hopeless more days than not. It includes a problem eating, sleeping, and working. In it’s most extreme, depression sometimes results in suicide.
  • Bipolar Disorder includes mood swings ranging from sad to angry to very happy. 
  • Persistent Depression is less severe than major depression, but it still interferes with energy, sleep, and appetite.

Gender Dysphoria

Gender Dysphoria includes:

  • Transgender individuals feel like they were assigned the wrong gender at birth. 
  • Transsexual individuals feel like they were assigned the wrong sex at birth. 
  • Genderqueer individuals who do not feel like they fit into any one gender assignment or sexual orientation


Codependency includes:

  • Going against your personal values in order to please others
  • Love addiction or a dependent need of others
  • Feeling like you need to be all things to all people
  • Difficulty standing up for yourself or low self esteem


ADHD includes:

  • Difficulty staying on task or paying attention
  • Extreme forgetfulness or easily distracted
  • Excessive daydreaming 
  • Unable to sit still
  • Problems waiting their turn

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